[Name] Yasushi Ichimori

Place of Birth Tokyo、Year of Birth 1965


[Post]Lecturer at Hosei Business School of Innovation Management, Global MBA program

Co-Researcher at Keio Economic Observatory (Keio University)

Executive Office, Human Resources & Administration,

NCR Japan, Ltd.


[Message for students]

This class is conducted based on a case-method. Some lectures will also be provided to support the class discussion.

I will share my experiences how I communicated effectively/ ineffectively in a real working place at a local and a multinational company. I also provide you an opportunity to communicate with Non-Japanese people who have an experience in working with Japanese people so that you understand the real situation from Non-Japanese viewpoint

[Specialty]Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior

[Course]Business Communication in Japanese Organization


– MBA in Organizational Behavior, Keio University
– Ph.D. in Business and Commerce, Keio University
– Worked at Cosel, Hewlett Packard, Syngenta, Tiffany & Co. and most recently, at NCR as an Executive Officer and Director of Human Resources and Administration
– Teaching experience at Aoyama Gakuin University, Toyama University and Senshu University as a lecturer.


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Ichimori Y. (2016) Japanese Employment Systems in Transition: HR-Line Work Relations, Keio University Press

[Academic Society]

Japan Society of Human Resource Management