2018 Fall Entrance Ceremony


We had an entrance ceremony at sky hall in Boissonade Tower on September 15. On behalf of second year students of global MBA program, Mr. Chen extended our warmest welcome to new students.  

Schedule for 2019 Entrance Examination

imadminEXAM INFO

Thank you for your interest in applying to HOSEI Business School. Exam Dates 2019 is UPDATED. Application information is coming soon! Thank you. ▶selection schedule click here

The 200 hours internship for first year students in local government organizations has just started


The local government organizations that cooperates is as follows. (順不同)  美瑛町(北海道)Biei cho in Hokkaido  郡山市(福島県)Koriyama shi in Fukushima  浜田市(島根県)Hamada shi in Shimane  雲南市(島根県)Unnan shi in Shimane  徳島市(徳島県)Tokushima shi in Tokushima  壱岐市(長崎県)Iki shi in Nagasaki  綾町(宮崎県)Aya cho in Miyazaki  いすみ市(千葉県)Isumi shi in Chiba  広島市(広島県)Hiroshima shi in Hiroshima  菊池市(熊本県)Kikuchi shi in Kumamoto  松本市(長野県)Matsumoto shi in Nagano ご協力ありがとうございます!  

“Break Your Comfort Zone”—Microsoft Japan President Encourages GMBA Students


“Break Your Comfort Zone”—Microsoft Japan President Encourages GMBA Students                                         By Teckshawer Tom Hosei University GMBA students were once again called upon to break their comfort zone in order to become more productive and be able to analyze and harness their creativity. The remarks were made by the president and chief executive officer of Microsoft Japan Takuya Hirano while addressing GMBA … Read More