Unforgettable experiences...

HOSEI University’s Global MBA program is built on two main pillars: classroom learning and practical training.

We provide a balance between academic learning of business administration in the classroom, and practical training through firsthand experience at Japanese companies and organizations. The internship program is our core method for providing the practical training aspect of the GMBA program.

Students intern with regional government organizations throughout Japan in their first year, and in the second year they intern at business enterprises and other organizations in Japan (and in some cases overseas). Supported by the classroom learning they are also engaged in, students gain direct work experience while developing the skills needed to function in Japanese society.

Through this process, the GMBA Program is able to achieve the Mission of Business School of Innovation Management:

To foster innovation practitioners in companies, organizations and society at large, grounded in management theory & practice, critical thinking, and effective communication.

  • 1st Year Internship: Regional Government Organizations

    Gain public sector experience and cross-cultural training

  • 2nd Year Internship: Business Enterprises

    Gain private sector experience and cross-cultural training at business enterprises in metropolitan areas


Pre-internship classes

These are provided prior to the internship in order for students to gain exposure to and understanding of key Japanese business practice topics, including business professionalism, regional government structure, and business manners

Regular journals

Students periodically send internship status reports to the faculty and receive prompt feedback, which reinforces the learning experience

Final presentation

Following the internships, students make presentations on their experiences at the Internship Presentation Conference in Tokyo, introducing both the internship host organization and the student’s own individual project (for example, promotion of inbound tourism, business competitiveness assessment , etc.)

Cross-cultural business experience

Students are exposed to intensive Japanese language and cultural learning opportunities, and experience actual Japanese workplace conditions

Practical business experience

Students acquire working knowledge and develop critical assessment abilities that form solid foundations for careers as management professionals

Firsthand community interaction

Students interact with people in the regional communities during their first year internship, creating unforgettable experience and developing invaluable skills

Voices of Past Interns

The whole internship was very well. I have learnt many things from this internship, such as the working environment and culture in Japan, people’s attitude towards work and so on. What’s more, the nice people there gave me a chance to know more about Japanese people. I think this internship really benefits me a lot from many ways.

Beside language barriers, I have no troubles during the internship. It was a great and unforgettable experience that I have ever had in my life.

I think to do internship at Isumi city is very good experiences to me. Everyone is very kind to me and treats me well, they invite me to participate many events and to see many tourism attractions. In addition, we also do many culture exchanges not only in the city hall but also in persons.

I like my life in Tono city. Everyone is really kind to me. Although I need to pay for my foods, many people treated me to a meal. Besides, I like the arrangement of changing my working place and living place every few days. Thanks to this arrangement, I can observe working atmosphere in different places and met a lot of people. I have learned a lot and had a great time during this internship. Thank you.

It was a good opportunity to learn about Japanese work culture, business manner and to see Japan outside of Tokyo.

I think this internship really made me understand that Japan style local self-government. While Kikuchi city is in the countryside, this city is positively developing, and they are working very hard to attract talented people to come to help make the city better.