HOSEI Business School of Innovation Management,
3-3-9 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
HOSEI GMBA (Global MBA Program)
Phone: +81-3-3264-5326 FAX: +81-3-3264-3990

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Tokyo Metro Subway Map(PDF)


1. Ouchiyama Building((Academic Affairs Department 1F, Global Education Center 2F, School of Correspondence Education 3F)
2. Fujimi Gate(Shop 1F, Cafeteria 3F)
3. 80′ Building (Library B4-2F)
4. Sotobori Building (Student Center 1F, Career Center 2F)
5. Boissonade Tower (Cafeteria B1, Admissions Center 1&2F, Health Clinic 2F)
6. Security Office
7. Fujimizaka Building
8. Ichigaya All-purpose Gymnasium
9. Ichigaya Tamachi Building (Faculty of Engineering and Design, Graduate School of Engineering and Design, Office)
10. Research Center for Solidarity-based Society(Yaesu Ichigaya Building 5F), Institute for Solidarity-based Society(5・7F)
11. Shin Mitsuke Building
12. Graduate School Building
13. Graduate School of Law Building
14. Shin Hitokuchizaka Building (HOSEI Business school of Innovation Management)
15. Hitokuchizaka Building
16. Kudan Building / Kudan Building Annex
17. Kudan North Building