The Ichigaya campus of HOSEI University is located in the center of Tokyo, Japan.  Japan is well known as a safe country with a relatively low crime rate. You can study in Japan even if you do not speak Japanese fluently.

Take this opportunity that no other university in Japan can yet offer!

The Hosei Business School of Innovation Management

The Innovation Management (IM) School is a graduate school that nurtures “true business innovators”.

Through a densely-packed curriculum divided into fundamentals, expertise, and application and the creation of a “project” equivalent to a master’s thesis, we nurture business professionals that are equipped with practical skills and can bring about innovation.

Global MBA Program


The HOSEI Business School of Innovation Management (HBSIM) started offering a new Global MBA program (GMBA) in September 2015. Students enrolled in this 1.5-year course study Japanese business practices, Japanese companies, and Japanese management styles in the English language.

Since its inception, HBSIM has focused on producing graduates who have a thorough understanding not only of major companies, but also of small and medium enterprises in Japan. In response to the trends of globalization, the GMBA program was added along side our existing Japanese curriculum (a one-year full-time MBA program and a two-year MBA program for working professionals).

Degree: Master of Business Administration
Standard period for completion of study: 1.5 years (start in September, graduate in March)

The Differences HOSEI GMBA Provides You

1 || You learn Japanese business and management.
You are able to learn Japanese business practices and management styles by studying for your MBA in Japan. The knowledge of Japanese production, supply management, and marketing will be your edge, as will be your understanding of such concepts as omotenashi and familiarity with such pop culture media as manga & anime. The HOSEI GMBA curriculum focuses strongly on companies operating in these areas.

2 || Your internship gives you invaluable work and social learning experience
The HOSEI GMBA program includes practical experience through problem-solving internship projects with regional government organizations, non-government/non-profit organizations, and/or business enterprises.

These internships are not only tremendous opportunities for gaining work experience, but they also enable you to have a well-rounded social experience during your time in Japan.



Click here about Acquisition of the Legal Resident Status of Student.

There are no on-campus housings. However, Hosei University offers dormy and dormitories to the students.

For dormy and dormitories information, please see below brochures:
・For students who currently live in Japan: 専用寮・推薦寮のご案内
・For students who currently live overseas: Supporting residences for students of Hosei University (English)
・For foreign students who request guarantor service, please see below :

Renting a room for the first time GTN (Global Trust Networks) is a real estate company for foreigners who supports better rental life for residents, real estate companies and owners at the “TRUST NET 21” specialty lease guarantee for foreigners.

Hosei University’s tuition reduction system is offered to self-supporting international
students who find it difficult to continue studying for financial reasons; this system is designed to achieve equal opportunities in education and contribute to fostering capable employees and specialists. Applications are accepted every academic year. Last year, the equivalent of 20% of tuition was deducted.