1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester
Entrance Fee ¥270,000
Tuition Fee ¥714,000 ¥713,000 ¥713,000
Facilities Fee ¥180,000 ¥180,000 ¥180,000
Total ¥1,164,000 ¥893,000 ¥893,000

*Unit: Japanese Yen

*This is a principle model of the payment.

The amount of the fees may differ when student applies  for the scholarships and tuition reduction system.

Tuition reduction system

Hosei University’s tuition reduction system is offered to self-supporting international students.
Applications are accepted every academic year.
Reduction amount is as follows;
・Enrolled Students entering the university in or after 2018:The equivalent of 20% of tuition deducted


[Note]The scholarships amounts listed and the number of students to be recommended/selected relate to Hosei University international students in FY 2017. Please use this list merely as a guide, as current academic year amounts and student numbers may differ from those listed.

Scholarship Recruitment

Applying in English

Scholarships offered by Hosei University
New Hosei University Centennial Scholarship ¥200,000/year Mid-April
Hosei University Student Life Support Scholarship Humanities: ¥300,000/year Mid-April
Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Japanese Government JASSO
Honors Scholarship

¥48,000/month Early April

Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship University Recommendation(SGU)
※No recruitment in recent years

Master’s courses


Scholarships other than above
The homepage of HOSEI university graduate school (Japanese only)

For your reference, the scholarships listed below are possible to apply in English.>>

Asashi Glass Foundation

Qualifications : Students who are Thai, Indonesian, Chinese or South Korean nationals in the first year of Master’s courses or the 1st or 2nd year of doctoral courses.
(¥100,000/month Mid- February)

RASA Financial Assistance Qualifications : Post-Master’s researchers and research students from Asian countries studying in Japanese graduate schools 30 years old or older as of 1 April 2017
(¥100,000/year Early April)