HOSEI University’s Global MBA program revolves around two main approaches:
classroom learning
and practical training.
We provide a good balance between academic study of business administration and practical learning in the field through firsthand experience at Japanese companies. Internship curriculum play an important role in the practical training aspect of the program. Students choose from among various local government organizations and companies in Japan and join internship programs to experience Japanese society through hands-on work experience. In other words, they leave the confines of the business school environment to accumulate real-life business experience in Japanese corporations as well as Japanese society.

 (Staff at the ski festival・Experience the japanese traditonal festival・At Local gavernment office・With host family・Internship presentation・Work at a company)   see more in voice

This provides opportunities for students to learn many things not available through textbook studies alone. Students currently working at Japanese companies can undertake projects at their workplaces in place of internship programs, with their project themes chosen based on in-house problems of which they have taken notice. For two months in January and February, students leave campus to experience Japanese society and corporate culture—these activities are treated as a single curriculum. Following the conclusion of these internships, students are required to submit reports that explain what they did as well as what they learned through their experiences.

pdf[1] Excerpt from Internship Guidebook edited by Hosei University Career Center