The 3 Best Things About English MBA Programs in Tokyo


Theres a recent phenomenon that implies that any business school in the world offers an MBA program in English. The reality is that many business schools compete with one another for students, which naturally leads MBA classes to be taught in English, the worlds most influential language. What about English MBA programs in Tokyo? Are they similar to English-language MBA programs in other countries? The answer is no”—there are three special advantages of pursuing your MBA in Tokyo.


While Tokyo used to be a unique corner city between West and East cultures, the Japanese capital is now creating sustainable business models that fuse both cultures. Young Japanese business entrepreneurs in Tokyo speak English with confidence, and work together with a network of teams around the world. Getting your MBA in Tokyo allows you to learn the Japanese style of conducting business.


Friendliness is another side of sustainability. Goods and services that people use daily should be designed to be user-friendly. This accessibility is something customers highly seek out and support companies for, making these businesses sustainable. Friendliness means to be warm and care for a wide variety of cultures, people, and languages. On your first day of classes in Japan, you will be instantly greeted with Japanese friendliness and hospitality—“omotenashi.

 Symbiosis (Living together)

Symbiosis is a word coined by biologists, connecting the Greek words sym (together) and biosis (living). This is a difficult word, but it should be understood as the core philosophy for maintaining sustainability and friendliness. English-language MBA programs around the world naturally should be symbiotic, and you will find real symbiosis in business and MBA programs in Tokyo.


Interview with professors of Hosei GMBA for web editor’s blog.