◇◆◇Entry Requirements◇◆◇

To be eligible to apply for the program you would normally have:

  • a minimum of three-year’s work experience
  • an academic qualification (Graduated from a 4-year university course)
  • English Language Proficiency (TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS) (for non-native English speakers)

To see details, please check the Application Guidelines.
We may be able to consider applicants who do not meet the above entry requirements.
If you are considering to apply for ‘Qualifications Screening‘, please check details.

Application Guidelines
Visa Application

Click here about Acquisition of the Legal Resident Status of Student.

Application Form for Certificate of Eligibility


For Japanese

グローバルMBAプログラムの入試要項および出願書類(日本語版) は以下からダウンロードできます。




04.推薦状 ※2通

05. Zoom面接希望時間

06. 在留資格認定証明書 大学代理申請願