5 Tips About Best MBA School For Foreigners In Japan


There are many reasons to pursue an MBA degree in Tokyo. From its rich culture and history to its status as one of the world’s leading economies and business capitals, Japan provides students with an ideal learning environment.

1. Tokyo is one of the world’s top capitals of commerce, finance, and technology. Studying at an MBA school in Japan, such as Hosei University, means more exposure to and opportunities within these industries.

2. Living abroad allows you to absorb Japanese culture and lifestyles, and really learn how Japanese people think and do business. Hosei University’s Global MBA program provides internships and field research opportunities outside of Tokyo.

 3. It’s great to be bilingual—or even trilingual. Non-native English speakers can master the tongue by taking English-language MBA courses, and Anglophones can add another language to their list by taking free Japanese language courses while working toward a GMBA at Hosei.

 4. Hosei’s GMBA program teaches innovation and entrepreneurship, as all the best international MBA programs do, making it a candidate for the best MBA school in Japan.

 5. Financial support is always crucial for students studying abroad. Travel costs, in addition to housing and living costs, can add up. Hosei provides a 30-percent discount on tuition for students coming from overseas, making it an ideal MBA in Japan for foreigners.

 Interview with Hosei GMBA professors for web editor’s blog.