Dr. GEMBA Kiminori | Management Strategy

To innovate, one needs to practice advanced strategic management. The mission of HOSEI Business School of Innovation Management is giving opportunities to learn basic knowledge and theories about innovation management in the hope of fostering innovators.

Dr. TAKADA Asako | Leadership, Organizational Behavior

I believe that learning in Business School is a hard exercise that makes you take stock of your past life and obtain a guideline for your future life. Organizations and people are essential elements of the business world. Take time and learn a lot of things by the sweat of your own brow.

Dr. FUJIMURA Hiroyuki | Human Resource Management

Human resource is an important asset for all organizations. Human-beings usually behave rationally, but sometimes irrationally. It is very useful for students to understand characteristics of human resource. We can learn a lot of things through discussion. I hope that students will have many occasions to discuss with various types of teachers and colleagues.

Dr. PECHTER, Kenneth | Innovation management & policy, Creative industries, International business strategy

The goal of my research is to develop understanding of the basic ideas of Innovation Management, but to do this in the context of real enterprises, which ultimately are where this understanding will be applied. Drawing on my own background, the major applications will be to media and entertainment industries, as well as fashion and other such creative-based industries. My approach is based on guided class discussion supported by outside reading and small projects.

Dr. YONEKURA Seiichiro | Business History & Innovation Theory

Dear my fellow students, through my class and seminar I would like to share a very important value of innovation and entrepreneurship. I also would like you to not only study theoretical frame works of innovation but also to do something to realize your innovative ideas.
Mr. ICHIMORI, Yasushi 
一守 靖
Business Communication in Japanese Organization  Profile
Mr. CHANG, Wei-Lun
チャン ウェイルン
MBA Special Lecture  Profile
Mr. TORIKAI, Yuichi
鳥飼 裕一
Accounting  Profile
Mr. HASEGAWA, Takuya
長谷川 卓也

Japanese Management

Japanese Production Management and Supply Chain Management

Mr. OSAWA, Hiroshi
大澤 裕 
Marketing in Japan Profile written in Japanese
Ms. ITO, Kumiko
伊東 久美子
Strategic Organizational Management Profile
Mr. YAMAMOTO, Shinya
山本 晋也
Global Management Profile
ヤング 吉原 真理子
Global Management Profile
Ms. NISHIDE, Kaori
西出 香
Logical Thinking vs Intuition Profile
豊嶋 晴美
Managing Talent Profile
Mr. SHIRAISHI, Kiyohito
白石 清仁
Managing Talent Profile written in Japanese
柿原 正郎
Digital Marketing
Mr. KOIZUMI, Yasuro
小泉 泰郎
Startup Finance Profile written in Japanese
Mr. NAIR, Radhakrishnan
ナーヤ ラーダーキリシャナン
Open Innovation Profile
Mr. TANIGUCHI, Kazushige
谷口 和繁
Advanced Finance -Global Economic Development - Policy Issues and Japan's Role- Profile